Escrow Pay

買汽車、買游艇、買飛機、買域名,只需一行代碼,讓Escrow Pay為您的交易保駕護航

Escrow Pay
Escrow Pay是什么

Escrow Pay是什么

Escrow Pay幫助您的網站和APP輕松擁有延付功能。體驗Escrow,引入 立即購買 按鈕,為您的客戶創建快捷支付鏈接。

  • 輕松接入


  • 買方快捷支付


  • 安全放心

    Escrow Pay由全球最安全的支付平臺Escrow.com傾力打造。Escrow品質,堅如磐石。

如何在我的網站中接入Escrow Pay?

您只需調用一個API,或生成 立即購買 按鈕,Escrow Pay向導會幫助您的客戶完成付款。點擊瀏覽文檔,閱讀API文檔。

如何在我的網站中接入Escrow Pay?
Escrow Pay是什么


Escrow API 為您量身定制,封裝信托支付法律法規,降低支付成本,讓您更專注于公司業務。

了解更多 世界頂級電商推薦的支付平臺 是頂級電商推薦的支付平臺,著名電商 Uniregistry、GoDaddy、 和 Shopify Exchange 都是我們的合作伙伴。現在就加入我們吧! is one of the most trusted escrow services in the world, and is the most trusted in the domain name industry. Everybody I know uses them, and I always find their staff to be available, knowledgable and helpful.

Michael Cyger
Michael Cyger Publisher & Founder,

We have recently added as a partner to protect our community from fraud. Buying and selling used heavy equipment internationally needs a trusted service to guarantee successful completion of the transactions.

Daniel Moffat
Daniel Moffat Marketing Director of Moffat Publishing, Ltd, parent of has developed the safest and most secure environment to eliminate fraud when buying and selling vehicles over the internet. They are a key partner to anyone who values trust and safety in their marketplace.

Keith Whann
Keith Whann CEO, Columbus Fair Auto Auction